Essential Tools

There are three items that I religiously carry with me day-to-day. I wouldn’t be able to cope without them during the renovation. I wish someone had told me to buy them at the start of the renovation as it would have made things a lot easier to understand and figure out. Here they are:

  1.  Tape Measure: what would I do without this. It’s used almost every day. You might not think you’ll need it much as the client, however, it’s turned out to be my most valuable tool. It’s essential.
  2. Scale Ruler: this is a bit of an odd one. I didn’t really know much about it until someone at Howdens showed me how they use it. You can use it to draw out any future floor plans, check the measurements, plan your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. Keep in mind to print your plans of with no scaling applied by the printer (e.g. print within margins).
  3. Laser Distance Meter: I love this tool. It allows you to measure large distances with good accuracy. It’s good to use to measure any new construction and check against the plan. Once the structure is up, you can get an accurate measurement of the space and start laying out your fittings/furniture using the scale ruler.  There’s plenty of features. You can calculate the m2 of a room and volume. Great tool.


It may seem a bit odd that you go around checking the measurements but trust me, don’t put your trust any builder. If they say they have checked it, you go and double check. Builders do what’s easy for them and could never face being wrong. check it, if it’s good, at least you have peace of mind. If it’s shit, go nuts.

You can also have a mini leveler, however, the builder will always have one onsite. Not essential unless they don’t like you handling their tools.


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