Doing My Rounds

I’m sick of moving between three different places to stay. It took me an extra 40 minutes this morning to find my clothes and pack for the rest of the week. I don’t know where half of my sh*t is. I’m popping to Next tonight to buy more socks. God knows how many I’ve bought in the last few months.

We can only do this as we don’t have kids and have family nearby. If you have kids, make sure you sort out accommodation and budget for it. There’s no way you could live on the property if it’s a full renovation, top-to-bottom. I recommend a car with a big boot. My boot is tiny.  Hopefully, it will be worth it once the house is complete. It’s sometimes difficult to see the ending, especially when frustration takes over and you just want it complete now. You have to remind yourself the end goal will be worth it (hopefully).

Oh, and stock up well on toothbrushes.



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