Update: Changes to the First Floor Layout

We have made changes to the internal layout of the first floor. The good thing is once you have your plans finalized and given the go ahead, you’re able to make amendments to the internal layout as long as it’s not changing the look of the property. You must also consider building regs when making changes, e.g. you can’t move the stairs location, change the head height from the stairs, etc.

Below shows the old and new plan for the first floor. We had a big debate regarding having an en-suite. At the end, I’m glad we have it (I always wanted it). We managed to convince a certain someone by stating that an en-suite adds value to the property and explained scenarios where an en-suite will be ideal, e.g. kids using both bathrooms, wanting to be ready before the guests, etc.


First Floor without changes


First Floor with changes

Proposed Plans

Here are the Architects proposed plans. These are the plans we agreed to go with. I will upload the other proposed plans at some point. We were super impressed with the plans. The living spaces are well defined giving every room a purpose. Our biggest problem before was that the back room had no real purpose. Hopefully, with this plan, our problem will be solved.