Bathroom Tiles

Finally, we have chosen our tiles. The builder wasn’t impressed when we explained the changes we wanted in the main bathroom. We want the toilet moved. He’ll do the job. I’m just hoping there are no other changes we need to do as he has plastered the first level. I don’t completely agree with it. I think the plastering should have been done at a later date. The extension shell is not yet erected. I’m worried that we may want a change and he will have to rip through the plaster. Fingers crossed we don’t need to make any changes.

I’ll add a drawing of the changes once I get all the tiles delivered.


Excuse my French. Went to Tiles & Baths Direct Ltd in Hendon, London. Word of warning, do not go here if you are on a tight budget. Actually, only go here if you have a massive budget. I’m talking the price of a car for one bathroom. Problem with going to places like this is that nothing quite feels the same elsewhere. Don’t put yourself through it. We were innocent and naive. Had no idea what type of place this was.